Gold Coast Full Moon Qigong

The first Gold Coast full moon qigong was a success. I was used to getting very little response to the many marketing or advertising efforts I had ever tried over the years. But this time was different. I was overwhelmed by the response to the event and was really impressed to see so many eager faces turn up willing to learn some internal movement and qigong methods.

I was especially impressed to see how well everyone worked throughout the evening. Qigong can be a tough exercise so for many of the new faces congratulations! However, part of qigong is about working through the pain and soon we come to learn just how much we fight ourselves and just how self-defeating this can be. In some instances, as we progress and our body develops better core postural structure, the static (still) qigong postures can initially become quite challenging as our body learns to let go of the old unbalanced pathological tension pattern and adopt a stronger more balanced postural structure, or what is called internal tension.

I was happy that everyone really enjoyed the night and we met some amazing new people. Thanks so much for coming along and I hope to see you all next full moon. And to those friends who already train with me thanks you for coming to support me. It means a lot to me.

Now…just on a side note, did you know that to the ancient Chinese the waxing and waning of the moon cycle was seen to influence the human cycle of the qi (energy) and blood in much the same way as the moon cycle influences the tides of the ocean. When the moon was new the qi and blood were at their weakest. When the moon was full our qi and blood are also at their peak. This makes the full moon a great time to do qi practices like qigong and Taijiquan as the increase in qi and blood help to promote the removal of stagnation's from the meridians (physiology) much like cleaning pipes with a pressure hose and help charge us up for the new month ahead.

In this way new moons have their own tradition. Being that the qi and blood cycle are at their lowest means that we can use more building and nurturing qigong methods to consolidate and tonify our qi and blood, anchoring our minds and rejuvenating our body ready for the growth like watering a seed.

So if you missed out on this full moon qigong event rest assured the next one will be better. In the next full moon qigong I will be locating a quieter more private location to make sure we can make the most of our time. The location of this still remains a mystery at time of writing but be sure to tune in and join my Facebook page or sign up for my fortnightly email [here] to stay in touch and find out where we will be next basking under the moon.

Thanks again to everyone who came along. I too, had a really lovely evening.

Nicholas Blewett

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