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"All true warriors learn to heal"

Nicholas initially got involved with Chinese medicine and acupuncture through his passion for the internal martial art of Tai Chi, Chinese boxing and the qigong healing arts over two decades ago. It is through the internal martial arts and qigong training that Nick came to deeply understand that it is how we connect our mind and body that governs our overall peace of mind and how we experience personal wellbeing and vitality.


Nicholas has been a clinical acupuncturist on the Gold Coast for 21 years utilizing his classical trained acupuncture skills to focus his treatment on an approach that addresses both the symptoms of the disease and the underlying energetic pathology.

Nicholas's passion for classical Chinese medicine and the gentle approach of Japanese acupuncture techniques have fuelled his career in general acupuncture practice which during this time, Nick has treated a wide range of physical and emotional conditions. Nick enjoys helping clients to understand their health more holistically through treatment and integrating lifestyle strategies to help them best navigate and work with their wellbeing obstacles to bring about relief and longstanding change.

For this reason, Nick explains that acupuncture, moxibustion, meditation and tai chi exercises are powerful methods to trigger the body’s natural healing mechanisms. Doing so assisting the body to identify its own internal imbalances and acts to work toward solving its own problems by naturally regulating and regenerating bodily systems until balance and normal healthy functioning have returned.


After 27 years of studying internal martial arts, Nicholas also advocates tai chi and qigong, meditation and Chinese exercise therapy to engage people in reconnecting to their bodies through the mindful movement and breathing techniques. Working with these training methods help to unlock tension from the body and allow individuals to build a practice they can use to empower their own personal development. Tai Chi, qigong and mindfulness movement training can offer people a powerful system of personal transformation by using a range of training tools to build their energy, unlock their stress and stabilize their moods in times of, or in the recovery of stressful life situations.


If you would like to know more about Nicholas or his practice of acupuncture and Chinese exercise therapies then please don't hesitate to schedule a time to chat with Nicholas directly and discover how the ancient wisdom of Chinese medicine can help transform your life today.

Nicholas Blewett




Nicholas Blewett has been training with the WTBA since 1997, having started his training with various WTBA instructors on the Gold Coast, as well we attending many classes directly with Erle Montaigue, he achieved his instructor qualification in 2000. 
Nicholas is now one of Eli Montaigue's top students and training partners, he represents the WTBA running classes on the Gold Coast and helps with the organization of Eli's workshops in Australia.

Eli montaigue

Chief Instructor World Taijiquan Boxing Association

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