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Discover more about Level 1

the foundations
of Qigong 
- Level 1 -

The foundations of Qigong Level 1 Teacher Training is an extremely comprehensive Qigong Teacher Training Program designed to give you all the underlying principles and exercises you need to either 1. build a powerful life-changing personal home-based practice, or 2. to begin incorporating Qigong training programs into your own wellness business, giving your clients the options to get involved in training some amazing new Qi-based exercise medicine.

The practices taught in this course would suit Yoga classes, Pilates classes, Personal Trainers, Acupuncturists, Physiotherapists, Psychologists and Therapists, Somatic healers, Energy workers as well as other wellness-based therapy or training systems or for people facilitating holistic workshops, events or personal development programs.

Learning to incorporate Qigong into your lifestyle or business offers you the ability to include ancient energy-based movement medicine, breathwork and the medical philosophy of Chinese medicine seamlessly into your programs and reap the benefits of being an industry leader in this emerging exercise system as Qigong begins its rise into the mainstream movement culture and modern energetic/spiritual training consciousness.   

Qi Fit's Qigong Teacher Training program will give you a solid foundation of correct structure and movement of Qigong practice as well as the underpinning Chinese Medical theory and Taoist philosophy which forms the basis of Qigong's holistic approach to internal exercise training and human longevity.


With well over 25 practical qigong training exercises, 6 powerful Qigong self-healing practices and specific Qigong exercises to cultivate your energetic healing gifts this course will help you begin developing your internal energy system and help you provide excellent content for integrative wellness classes or your own personal practice!


This course will give you a thorough knowledge of Qigong's why's, how's, when's, do's and don'ts, give you the skills to develop a powerful personal practice or teach Qigong confidently and effectively to a wide range of demographics.


The Foundations of Qigong is the foundational course for all further Qi Fit teacher training programs.


We are an Approved IICT Provider

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Check this out... Just a few of the Qigong exercises you will be learning...

level 1 certification:


88 hours In-Person Workshop Attendance

  • Section 1 - Foundations of Qigong

  • Section 2,3,4 - Chinese Medicine in Qigong and the philosophy of Longevity in Chinese Medicine

  • Section 5 - Qigong in Integrative Medicine & Special Populations / Consideration

  • Section 6 - An Introduction to Medical Qigong

  • Section 7 - Integration and Consolidation

  • Section 8 - Practice and Class / Program Development.


✅ 20 hours (18 WKS) Online class attendance & Workshops

✅ 20 hours personal logbook practice hours

✅ Qigong Form Mentoring

✅ private FB Mastermind Group

✅ Tips, Hints, Extra training drills…and so much more!!

For a total of 128+ hours of training!!

  • 2 Hour Live Online Introduction and Group Meeting (course start/intorduction)

  • 4x Weeks Pre-Course Online Learning Practical Training Workshops

  • Qi Fit Internal Movement Program Level 1 & 2

  • Workshop 1 - Seven Day In-Person Qigong Immersion - Brisbane

  • 8x Week Post Workshop Online Videos and Live Zoom Lessons

  • Workshop 2 - Three Day In-Person Qigong Immersion – Brisbane

  • 2x Weeks Student Post-Course Grading Preparation

  • Workshop 3 - One Day In-Person Student Grading

  • Course Handbook – Upgraded!

  • New Upgraded Training Manual

  • Full Instruction Videos on ALL Training Methods and Practices

  • Video Explainations on How to Apply Chinese Medicine Theories to Increase Health

  • Tips, Hints and Extra Training Drills on Qigong and Tai Chi

  • Access to Our Classes Private Facebook Qigong Mastermind Group

    • Online mentoring - ask me questions and get text or video replies!

    • Build friendships, motivate and support each other and grow together as a group!

    • Weekly hints, tips and training motivation!

    • Access all the video lessons and class discussion and research content!

    • Access Extra Content and Extra Training Drills and Methods!

  • Accredited by the International Institute of Complementary Therapists Association.

*Please note that this course is being run for those whom have (but not exclusively) expressed interest in continuing directly into the Level 2 training beginning in 2022 (one week after this course finishes).  

So while this training does not cover the same 150 hour training as the new upgraded Level 1 course running in April 2021, most participants doing this course are looking to enter Level 2 training immediately after Level 1 ends.


By doing so these students can take their newly learned skills directly into a more advanced 10 month training program whereby all skills in Level 1 are further developed into more advance practices, giving the students undertaking this training adequate time to practice, craft and hone their skills over 2022, and for many, the opportunity to become a Level 1 instructor before Christmas 2021 and a level 2 Instructor before Christmas 2022.

So, for people considering this training as an entry directly into Level 2 - rest assured that everyone in Level 2 at this time has also only done the same Level 1 course that you will be doing here. Moving directly into Level 2 after this course will feel like you are doing one long course with Level 2 simply being an expansion on what you have learnt in level 1 with a heap more practices and knowledge. So don't be put off!!

Check out Level 2 here - and if necessary feel free to email or call Nicholas and ask any questions you have - I'm happy to chat anytime!

Qi fit's level 1 - foundations of qigong is now a certified course and training provider under the

the international institute of complementary therapists

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What you get:

  • Learn the Fundamentals of Qigong

  • Understand the classical principles of Qigong

  • Apply the 3 methods - Body, Breath, Mind

  • Philosophy of Longevity in Chinese medicine

  • Styles and forms, structure and Internal movement

  • Standing, Lying, Seated postures

  • Qi Development and Cultivation Methods and Tools

  • Yin/Yang cultivation and balancing Qigong methods

  • Acupuncture point & Meridian Balancing methods

  • 12 Zung Fu / Meridian Balancing Qigong forms

  • 3 Circle Standing Qigong (Power Qigong)

  • Triple Heater / Spleen & Stomach Balancing Qigong

  • Presence, mindfulness, intention and meditation

  • Medical Qigong Techniques

  • Guidelines, Special Populations and Qigong Precautions

  • Class Structure and Sequencing

  • Teaching Practices and Creative Program Development Tools

  • Access to Nicholas Personally via Private FB Mastermind Group

  • Form mentoring and Development

  • Course Texts

  • Training Manual

  • Online Support materials

  • CPD Certified Activity

  • And so much more...

Find out more here


  • Accessible to all ages and levels of fitness.

  • Students with no prior experience in Qigong can easily join classes.

  • Provides the health benefits of classical Qigong form in a format that aligns with modern lifestyles.

  • Scalable for different demographics and audiences.

  • Can be practised in a drop-in/casual class structure.

  • Used in conjunction with a wide range of holistic mind/body classes, healing workshops and trauma release programs.

  • Qigong covers a wide range of healing elements, incorporating but not limited to Breathwork, Movement Therapy and Mindfulness Meditation.

  • Qigong can be used as a fantastic pain management and healing modality,

  • Qigong is a somatic healing modality.

  • Provides an opportunity for creative class programming.

  • Qigong is becoming very popular and is going to be the next Yoga, especially when more people find out about just how good qigong and a qi practice is!


Once Level 1 - The Foundations of Qigong has been completed you can continue to develop your journey and progression into the art of qigong practice and medial qigong practice.

Level 2: Qigong Form Development - Structure and Movement:

Level 2 is about delving deeper into whole-body internal movement principles and practices and utilizing the theories discussed in level 1 such as the Internal Alchemy of Neigong.

Many more qigong practices are given and we will be looking at other qigong methods given by other schools that don't use whole-body movement and learning how to practice these 'dead movement' forms, such as the
Ba Duan Jin Qigong and the 12 Animal Qigong methods, with more correct with whole-body internal movement strategies.

For more information on Level 2 training - click here!

Level 3: Advanced Qigong / Using Chinese Medical theory in Qigong prescription:
Using the knowledge from Level 1 The Foundations of Qigong and Level 2 - Internal Alchemy to delve into Chinese medicine diagnosis and Qigong exercise prescription and medical Qigong treatments.

Level 4: Advanced Qi Development and Medical Qigong:
The already learned basic qigong exercises from previous modules are progressed to a more advanced level with every tiny detail covered to take your qigong to a highly energetic healing modality which can then be integrated into all previously learned modules to help you access full-body spinal power for true internal energy cultivation and qi transmission. 

Level 5: The Fundamentals of Taijiquan and Baguazhang:
Progressing from standalone qigong methods into a stronger qi development practice incorporating qigong training methods from the internal martial arts to give you longer more flowing qi development movement meditations to help you cultivate an extremely powerful and robust qi practice for supreme health, qi development and qi transmission.  

Level 6: Master the Internal Arts:
In this Level, you will learn about the small frame movements of qigong forms and how to use this refined internalized way of moving and training into your personal and medical qigong healing methods.  


Leigh - Acupuncturist & Holistic Fertility Coach.

"The reason I chose to work with Nicholas was I was looking for other ways to help my patients...I was looking for a movement therapy that really helped balance the modern lifestyle and to slow down and learn how the body works"

Group Testimonial from Qi Fit's July 2020 Gold Coast Teacher Training course.

"After a couple of minutes with Nick I knew I was in the right place. I wouldn't say it met my expectations. I'd say it exceeded my expectations. It was life-changing..."

Dee, 2020  

Gustavo Se - Psychologist, Mindfulness Coach, Yoga Teach and Retreat Facilitator.

"I plan to bring in this knowledge and practices into my the experiences of participants in my retreats so that they can have a more varied experience as well as to tap into the flow of energy in the body..."  

Juliana - Acupuncturist and Energy Worker.

Nicholas..."has a really nice energy, he is always very helpful and extremely knowledgable. I have noticed that I can use my own energy in my clinic with work with my own energy and to pass that into my clients. I would say to anybody wanting to do this course not to think twice".

LOCATION, dates & FEEs



Venue - yet to be confirmed.

I need basic attendance numbers before securing a suitably sized venue to meet with accommodation and training space requirements - the location will be made public when confirmed.




Online Start -15th October

Workshop 1 - November 15th – 21st 

Workshop 2 - January 28th – 29th – 30th

Workshop 3 - Feb 12th (Course Conclusion)






*REGISTRATIONS BEFORE 10th SEPTEMBER, 2021 - Payment Plans Available


*REGISTRATIONS FROM 11th SEPTEMBER, 2021 - Payment Plans Available

Payments and Payment Plans:  

  • Payment Plans Available - Please Contact Nicholas here.

  • $500 deposit upon sign up - Completely Refundable (due to Covid situation).

  • Qi Fit's Refund Policy can be seen here.

Get Qualified
for Qigong
by February 2022

intake limited to 12 students


Please use the contact form below to begin your registration process. Upon registering below you will be contacted by Nicholas within 24 hours to answer any questions you have and/or to confirm your spot and discuss payment options.


Course Registration and Call Back form:

Thanks for submitting! Nicholas will be in contact within 24 hours to answer any questions, confirm your registration and discuss payment options.

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about your facilitator


(Dr Acupuncture/Chinese Medicine)

Nicholas has been practising Qigong and the Internal Martial Arts for 24+ years and holds a 4th Degree Instructors Certificate with the Wold Taijiquan Boxing Association. Nicholas is a clinical Acupuncturist with 20 years of experience and works at The Australian Centre for Natural Medicine in Miami on the Gold Coast.

Nicholas also has completed a Certificate 4 in Personal Training and a Graduate Certificate in Education after which he lectured at the Endeavour College of Natural Medicine. Whilst lecturing at Endeavor, Nicholas was given the job of re-writing their Chinese exercise course. Since then has taught qigong and Chinese medicine courses nationally and designed a soon to be released internal movement program called Qi Fit.

Nicholas' aim is to teach people how to build a stronger and more dynamic Qi practice. Nicholas' Qi Fit programs are designed to teach people how to access and develop both the basic and more intricate and advanced levels of internal movement principles and show how this "way of moving" is a powerfully healing exercise system.

Combining his own training and development of internal movement principles as well as his practice of Chinese medicine/Acupuncture combined with his own wellbeing journey, Nicholas is deeply passionate about helping people develop their own self-healing and preventative healthy Qi practices.

Nicholas believes that through practising and teaching the benefits of qigong, internal exercise and individualized self-care practices that people can able to help people live healthier, active and more fulfilling lifestyles. This benefit will naturally flow out into the greater community and aid in the ever-increasing evolution of humanity toward a more holistic, purposeful and peaceful world.

Nicholas holds the following accreditation:

  • B.H.Sc Acupuncture (20+ years exp.)

  • 4th Degree Instructor - World Taijiquan Boxing Association (25+ years exp.)

  • Cert 4 Chinese Massage / Tuina (20+ years exp.)

  • Cert 4 Personal Training

  • Grad Cert Education UQ

  • Register with Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association

  • Registered with AHPRA - Australian Health Professional Regulation Agency

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