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Qi Fit's The Foundations of Qigong Level 1 Qigong Teacher Trianing is a 6 Month/160+ hour Qigong training program.

This program has been created for anyone with an interest in learning high-quality Qigong in a professional setting who understands that gaining a solid foundational understanding of the fundamental philosophies, theories and practices is the best way to begin mastering any new skill.

Designed for stark beginners through to intermediate students alike, this course is perfectly suited for people who wish to go on and teach Qigong or for those people who simply want to enjoy a home-based personal practice without trying to follow along with YouTube videos.

This course also suits those people who wish to include qigong into a wellness-based business., such as yogis, physio's, personal trainers, massage therapists or acupuncturists who are looking for holistic therapeutic exercise modalities to help a wide range of common modern ailments.


So, whether you wish to begin using qigong in your business or to raise the quality of your own life and build a healthy lifestyle with increased longevity and a sense of strength and vitality, Qi Fit's Foundations of Qigong will give you access to a new way of helping yourself and/or clients from all demographics and walks of life.

This program will offer individuals and holistic and therapeutic businesses a deeper understanding and appreciation of how Qigong fits into the Chinese medical paradigm and will show you just how easily including Qigong into your daily life can profoundly add value to your life experience through decreasing pain, increasing energy, teaching mindfulness, helping to treat trauma, regulating emotions, building resilience and heal injuries in the physical mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.  


This 6-month course also comes with 4 weeks of pre-course video workshops, 12 days of in-person Qigong training workshops, 20 weeks of online live video training, online support, a private Facebook group, a training manual, a text and more...

If you would like to know more about this program please click the image above.

Completing this program allows students to move into Level 2 The Structure and Movement

of Qigong in February 2023.

Qi Fit's Qigong Teacher Training 2021 -

Qi Fit's Level 2 - The Structure and Movement of Qigong

Participants must have already completed Level 1.

However, if you don't already have your Level 1 Certificate
but you would like to begin your Level 2 Qigong Teacher Training Mastermind Program in 2022 you can complete your Level 1 - 150 hour certificate program starting in either February or August 2022. 

Check out the Level 2 Program here.


For inquires please contact Nicholas via email or phone.

Qi fit's level 1 - foundations of qigong is now a certified course and training provider under the

the international institute of complementary therapists

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Check this out... Just a few of the Qigong exercises you will be learning...


Leigh - Acupuncturist & Holistic Fertility Coach.

"The reason I chose to work with Nicholas was I was looking for other ways to help my patients...I was looking for a movement therapy that really helped balance the modern lifestyle and to slow down and learn how the body works"

Group Testimonial from Qi Fit's July 2020 Gold Coast Teacher Training course.

"After a couple of minutes with Nick I knew I was in the right place. I wouldn't say it met my expectations. I'd say it exceeded my expectations. It was life-changing..."

Dee, 2020  

Gustavo Se - Psychologist, Mindfulness Coach, Yoga Teach and Retreat Facilitator.

"I plan to bring in this knowledge and practices into my the experiences of participants in my retreats so that they can have a more varied experience as well as to tap into the flow of energy in the body..."  

Juliana - Acupuncturist and Energy Worker.

Nicholas..."has a really nice energy, he is always very helpful and extremely knowledgable. I have noticed that I can use my own energy in my clinic with clients...to work with my own energy and to pass that into my clients. I would say to anybody wanting to do this course not to think twice".