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Fri, 06 May



Women's Qigong Healing Circle - 6th May

Strength in Softness, Power in Flow!

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Women's Qigong Healing Circle - 6th May
Women's Qigong Healing Circle - 6th May

Time & Location

06 May 2022, 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Brisbane, Brisbane QLD, Australia

About the event




Two Separate Events are being run.

Friday 6th May 6:30 - 8:30pm


Co-Facilitated by Nicholas Blewett and Kathryn Puffet.


You are hereby invited to an evening Qigong workshop in Brisbane. This workshop is designed to integrate the facilitation of women's inner warrior work with the internal energy development tools of an ancient Chinese martial arts meditation called Qigong.

Qigong is often called a warriors meditation due to the fact it helps them align with the power of their innate warrior spirits and fully access the stoic gifts this powerful archetype offers to enhance and empower our daily lives.





The Inner Animal is about humans learning to rediscover their ancient ancestral animal mind and our innate survival skills and integrate these gifts into the higher functioning of our human psyche to empower our evolution as fully integrated human beings.

And whilst The Inner Animal process is about harnessing the warrior spirit through the internal movement of Internal combat and healing arts, one major aspect of the warrior arts is cultivating an indomitable character and internal frame from which to empower yourself to change your reality through strength of character and work - which is what Kung Fu means and is all about - the merit of self-mastery!

And this is where the Qigong train comes into the picture...



Qigong is a physical meditation that realigns, heals and builds our internal frame (mind and energy system) and the external frame (the physical body) and helps us integrate our whole mind, body and spirit to work collectively to produce full-body power and the focused direction of our intent and fuelled by the sheer power of will.

After all, a warrior without strong foundations and connection to our sense of self, the earth and their own fighting spirit can combat any hardship.

Therefore as an exercise, Qigong gives us these gifts by teaching us to integrate mental discipline, fierce determination and whole-body connectivity with the personal practice of softening into strength, surrendering into resilience and the stoic vulnerability of self-reliance.

Qigong combines these gifts into a disciplined physical meditative practice which helps to cultivate structural strength and durability of our frame - both physically, emotionally and spiritually - ultimately giving us the power to better control and direct our energy out into the world.



This group is not going to be another workshop group sitting around talking. In fact, a firm rule of no talking during the training phase is implemented so that each individual can work on themselves at their own pace.

Qigong IS the process!

We will definitely check-in and out at the beginning and end of the night and have some housekeeping and energetic circle process occurring to aid with the work and space being held. But insofar as explaining qigong's meditation process, the idea is to work silently with our own energy and the other participants for the purpose of the group's and your own personal energy cultivation, storage and sharing.

So what this group is really about is using the Qigong process itself to reignite and empower your own warrior's journey to a strong sense of frame and womanhood. A night whereby the energetic collective of a group of women acting together to hold space in meditative silence, internal work and mutual support in the shared experience of suffering through our own rigid structures of negative patterning and the shadow scaring of trauma, loss, sadness, regret, blame and shame held within our physical bodies, as we move through the depths of inner energetic work.

So first you will get an introduction to qigong and how the qigong process is perfect for women's warrior work and personal general development. 

This talk will last 30-45mins but will be super informative and discuss qigong from the perspective of the internal martial arts, Chinese medicine the human energetics and even the Jungian archetypes of the King, Warrior, Magician and Lover, and how qigong can help you build your energy, get stronger, work on physical injuries and pain, recharge your sex life and empower personal transformation.

Then we'll jump into the circle and start the qigong exercise process. You can expect to work like you have never worked before - this is not a fluffy woo-woo old person qigong. This qigong session is designed for building the energy required for physical and energetic transformation!!

But don't be scared of this. It is the process. You wouldn't go to the gym or even a serious yoga class and not expect to work up a sweat...this will be no different.

Once the qigong circle finishes we will then be working for 30 minutes with the abundant healing energy that builds up inside us from the qigong process. You will learn more about using energetic healing methods to help work with ourselves and other women to help balance, centre and ground our yang energies whilst practicing these techniques on other circle participants.

After all...



Two separate events:

Friday 6th May - 6:30 - 8:30pm

The event location is still being decided but will be close to Brisbane City.

Arrive 15mins early for a 6:30 pm Start.


What you will need:

- Relaxed clothing to move in.

- Yoga mat.

- Old pillow/cushion to sit on.

- Big towel/body blanket.


INQUIRES: send FB PM or phone 0433775488.


Thanks and hope to see you there!!


Nicholas Blewett

Qi Fit Founder

Dr Chinese Medicine / Acupuncture (20+ yrs exp)

4th Deg Instructor World Taijiquan Boxing Association (24+yrs exp)


Kathryn Puffet

Qi Fit Graduate Qigong Instructor Level 1

Acupuncture Student

Total Legend!


  • Women's Qigong Healing Circle

    Unlocking the Warrior's Magic

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