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Thu, 28 Nov



Qigong Teacher Training 2020

Discover Qigong and how to create a powerful qi practice using the principles of Chinese medicine in the most comprehensive Qigong educational program in Australia.

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Qigong Teacher Training 2020
Qigong Teacher Training 2020

Time & Location

28 Nov 2019, 7:00 am – 11:00 am

Australia, Australia

About the event

Qi Fit's Qigong Teacher Training 2020:


  • CAIRNS: February 3rd - 8th
  • GOLD COAST: February 15th - 18th April
  • BRISBANE: February 24th - 29th
  • MELBOURNE: March 16th - 21st
  • SYDNEY: March 30th - April 4th
  • PERTH: April 6th - 11th 

*If you would like to view the entire page with the complete course information, video's and testimonials then please click here.

ABOUT THE COURSE Model 1: The Fundamentals of Qigong

The fundamentals of Qigong Module 1 is designed to give you the underlying principles and practices of Qigong so that you can begin to incorporate Qigong into classes and exercise programs. 

Our teacher training program will give you a deeper understanding you need to utilize this amazing Integrative Medical Art for your own learning and or meditation, yoga practice or personal exercise or client based personal training programs. 

Module 1 will give you all the tools you require to form a solid foundation in Chinese Medical theory and philosophy and Internal structure and movement so that you have a powerful underpinning of the correct way on moving internally and all the why's, how's, when's, do's and don'ts of Qigong. 

This course will allow you to take this Integrative Wellness Art from novice to advanced practitioner more confidently and efficiently and it the foundation for all Qi Fit teacher training courses. 

Qi Fit's Teacher Training Module 1 leads students further into more advanced and follow up courses and modules giving them more exercises and a more advanced understand and practice of Qigong and internal exercise.  

MODULE 1 CONTENT: The entire Module 1 training consists of 67 hours, contact hours comprise of 6 days (42 hours) as follows:

Module 1a - Foundation of Qigong (7 hours) 

Module 1b - Chinese Medicine in Qigong and the philosophy of Longevity in Chinese Medicine (14 hours) 

Module 1c - Qigong in Integrative Medicine & Special Populations / Considerations (7 hours) 

Module 1d - Medical Qigong (7 hours). 

Module 1e - Integration and Practical Assessment (7 hours). 


  • 42 contact training hours 
  • 5 Online class attendance hours 
  • 20 personal practice hours 

67 hours of Total Teacher Training hours. 

FOLLOW ON MODULES: Once module 1 The Foundations of Qigong course is complete, you can continue to develop your journey and progression into the art of qigong practice and medial qigong practice. 

Module 2: Qigong form development.

  • Module 2a - Internal Alchemy
  • Module 2b - The Ba Duan Jin Qigong and the 12 Animal Qigong methods
  • Module 2c - The 12 Palms - Meridian balancing Qigong's and Forms

Module 3: Advanced Qigong / Using Chinese Medical theory in Qigong prescription: Using the knowledge from Module 1 The Foundations of Qigong and Module 2a - Internal Alchemy to delve into Chinese medicine diagnosis and Qigong exercise prescription and medical Qigong treatments. 

Module 4: Advanced Qi Development and Medical Qigong The already learned basic qigong exercises from previous modules are progressed to a more advanced level with every tiny detail covered to take your qigong to a highly energetic healing modality which are then integrated into everything learned in previous modules to help you access full-body spinal power for true internal energy cultivation and qi transmission.  

Module 5: The Fundamentals of Taijiquan and Baguazhang Progressing from standalone qigong methods into a stronger qi development practice incorporating qigong training methods from the internal martial arts to give you longer more flowing qi development movement meditations to help you cultivate an extremely powerful and robust qi practice for supreme health, qi development and qi transmission.   

Module 6: Master the Internal Arts In this module, you will learn about the small frame movements of qigong forms and how to use this refined internalized way of moving and training into your personal and medical qigong healing methods.   


  • Fundamentals of qigong
  • The classical principles of Qigong
  • The 3 methods - Body, Breath, Shen
  • Philosophy of Longevity in Chinese medicine
  • Styles and forms, structure and Internal movement
  • Standing, Lying, Seated postures
  • Qi Cultivation Methods
  • Peng Hinge Tapping & Marrow Washing
  • Yin / Yang cultivation and balancing Qigong
  • Acupuncture point & Meridian Balancing methods
  • 12 Zung Fu / Meridian Balancing Qigong forms
  • 3 Circle Standing Qigong (Power Qigong)
  • Triple Heater / Spleen & Stomach Balancing Qigong
  • Presence, mindfulness, intention and meditation
  • Medical Qigong techniques
  • Guidelines, special populations and Qigong precautions
  • Class structure and sequencing
  • Teaching practices
  • And heaps more...


  • 40 contact training hours 
  • 10 group class attendance hours 
  • 15 personal home practice hours 
  • 65 hours Total Teacher Training hours.


  • 7 modules of 6 hours in person theory and practice lessons,
  • Complete module Course notes on how Chinese medical theory apply to qigong practice,
  • Qigong practical notes to help you set up your own personal weekly qigong training program,
  • The ability to start teaching qigong to others with the confidence that comes from having an in-depth personal understanding of the foundational aspects and a quality qigong practice.


  • Get added to a private Facebook mentoring group:                    
    • Access each modules of class notes,
    • Ask questions and receive feedback from other group members or Nicholas,
    • Access to online mentoring on your home training whilst learning the course material,
    • Watch video lessons and follow along with each modules Qigong sets,
    • Watch short concise videos on the key theory points re-explained in 2-3 minute videos to assist you better remember and apply theory to your practice,
    • Discuss results and experiences from your own practice and other practices within the group. 


PLUS...**This course is registered with The Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medical Association for 40 points worth of CPD (continuing professional development). 



• Accessible to all ages and levels of fitness • Students with no prior experience in Qigong can easily join classes • Provides the health benefits of classical Qigong form in a format that aligns with modern lifestyles. • Scalable for different demographics and audiences • Can be practised in a drop-in/casual class structure • Provides an opportunity for creative class programming • Qigong is becoming very popular and is going to be the next Yoga, especially when more people find out about just how good qigong and a qi practice is.


• Accessible to all ages and levels of fitness, • No prior experience in Qigong or Tai Chi necessary, • Qigong is gentle yet powerful and easily aligns modern lifestyles, • Qigong is well researched and is listed by The World Health Organization to be effective a helping treat, moderate and control progression of many modern lifestyle diseases including cardiovascular disease, heart disease, diabetes, depression / anxiety, increases bone density, stress management, brain function / cognition and memory, coordination, balance, raises immunity and so much more... • Qigong is a mindfulness movement practice which grounds the energy, anchors and centres the mind, activates the bodies natural healing mechanism and builds your energy whilst teaching you to be more energy-efficient, • Very little space required for general practice - so easily practiced in your own home or yard,  • Qigong is becoming very popular and is going to be the next Yoga, especially when more people find out about just how good qigong and a qi practice is...just think how cool you'll be (hahaha - joking!! but you will me!!)  


Get added to a Private Facebook Group where you can watch and follow along with each modules' qigong sets and qigong home training videos so that you can practice privately at home, ask any burning questions like a forum and get support from myself and other class members.



Location: Venues - yet to be confirmed. *Venues will be held in AirBnB's or suitable workshop venues in central locations to all metropolitan areas and public transport. **Where Airbnb venues are used accommodation will be available for a small cost. 

GOLD COAST: February 15th,16th, March 7th, 8th, 28th,29th, April 18th.   

CAIRNS: February 3rd - 8th 

BRISBANE: February 24th - 29th 

MELBOURNE: March 16th - 21st 

SYDNEY: March 30th - April 4th 

PERTH: April 6th - April 11th 

Module 1 Fees: $1957.00 Early Bird Offer 


Cairns: 30th Dec 2019 

Gold Coast: 4th Jan 2020 

Brisbane: 13th Jan 2020 

Melbourne: 3rd Feb 2020 

Sydney: 17th Feb 2020 

Perth: 24th Feb 2020 

$2397.00 Regular Price 

Payments and Payment Plans: 

  • $400 deposit upon sign up - non-refundable.
  • Payments in full upon sign up will attract a $100 discount on both early bird or full fee payments.
  • All payments must be completed by the first day of Module 1a.

Each intake is limited to 15 students. 

For more information please call Nicholas on 0433775488 or please email at or use a contact form on this site.

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