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Thu, 20 Oct


Five Element Shamanic Qigong

Five Element Shamanic Qigong

Where Movement Meets Manifestation

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Five Element Shamanic Qigong
Five Element Shamanic Qigong

Time & Location

20 Oct 2022, 7:00 pm – 21 Oct 2022, 8:30 pm

Five Element Shamanic Qigong

About the event

5 Element Shamanic Qigong

10 Week Online Program delving into applying Qigong in Shamanic Practice.

Activate and reprogram your Qi energy by infusing your mind and body with the positive affirmations you need to succeed while simultaneously removing internal stagnations and energy blockages that hold you back using the Powerful ancient shamanic principles of Chinese medicine and Qigong Movement medicine.

In this 10-week online program, we will examine the profound wisdom of the ancient shamanic medical arts of Chinese medicine and Qigong and how Qigong can be used to access the innate knowledge we carry deep within our ancestral bodies.

Over the course of this program, we will use the Su Wen Nei Jing, a 2500+ year old classical Taoist medical text and the Five Element system as a theoretical backdrop to understanding how the ancient Chinese Sages and Kung Fu Warrior Monks viewed the relationship between human beings and nature.    During this process, you will learn how to use and apply Qigong activations to cultivate and align your Qi energy with the inherent changes of the five elemental phases, yin and yang, full and empty. And like the ancient Sages, begin learning to harmonize with the flow of nature, infuse the principles of the universe, and begin the process of learning about how to live in a state of Wu Wei where your natural powers of manifestation align with your life purpose.

One of the main processes the ancient Sages used to achieve this alignment and Qi development was Qigong. As an exercise, Qigong helped them to initially discover and infuse these universal principles into their biological Qi energy systems so that the wisdom and natural flow of nature became truly embodied at the deepest levels of their energetic realities.

In this program, Nicholas will help you deeply embody and apply these same teachings and qigong principles so that you can deeply infuse your mind and body matrix with the same embodied wisdom.    In undertaking this program, you will be learning one elemental Qigong set and one Internal Neigong (internal alchemy) set in each lesson to help focus the intention of the elemental alchemic developmental processes while removing blockages and stagnations from your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

Having completed this program, you will have the ability to perform a complete set of Elemental Qigong activations that will help you clear stagnations and blockages from your internal energy and organ systems, reprogramming and priming your Qi with the positive, forward-focused and life-affirming wisdom you need to begin mastering your life like a true warrior sage!


1. We will be starting the ten weeks off with an introduction to Qigong class, where we will lay the foundational framework for the program and learn basic Qigong breathwork and two Qigong movements which set the foundations of all our qigong movements for the remaining nine weeks.

2. Then, session by session, we will discuss each of the elements in detail and discover their healthy functions and diseased dysfunctions both physically and psychologically/emotionally. We will then be using these classical Chinese signs and symptoms to discover where your own disharmonies, stagnations or blockages sit and formulating personalized affirmations you can use while practising the Qigong sets to reprogram your Qi energy and harmonize elemental and organ function.

3. In each session, we will be learning and adding new Qigong and Neigong exercises to our training program that tonify and harmonize the specific elements while also removing stagnations and energetic blockages. These element-specific sets will help us to infuse our elemental affirmation into each element and organ complex working directly with that specific energy system.

4. After the weekly Zoom call ends, you will instantly have access to a 20 minute daily Qigong Activation Video. This 20-minute video is for you to use to help you remember and work through your personal daily Qigong activations easily while remaining inflow so you can focus on the process of infusing your energy system with your affirmations.

5. You will be required to do your 20 minute Qigong Activation practice daily until the next meeting. This will ensure you remember the process as they build up weekly.

6. And then, each day, sit down after your practice and quickly record any changes, shifts, realizations, or clarifications that occurred to you during practice.

7. After each of the elements is done, you will have a potent Qigong movement practice which will take 30-40 minutes to help you build and infuse your Qi with your own personal affirmations to transform your life powerfully.

8. We will refine our practice in weeks 8, 9 and 10 when we revise each other elements and integrate the organs practising and fine-tuning each of the Qigong sets separately and as a flow and sharing our personal insights and learnings and transformations together.   

9. Also, in week 8, you will be practising the entire process from start to finish for the first time. You will also receive a video practice incorporating each other element phases performed in one single flow from start to finish. From this point, this will likely be the only video you will need and will form one complete practice for you to follow along with and work on cultivating and developing your Qi, removing stagnations and blockages and positively reprogramming your life with the aligned and harmonious intention of Wu Wei.


Access to a FB Shamanic Qigong Group:

  • You will be added to a FB group where you can access all the Zoom lessons and video recordings, keep in touch with other students, share your experiences, ask questions and engage more deeply in the learning process.

1x Weekly 1.5 Hour Zoom Class:

  • Live Theory and Qigong Lesson.

1x Weekly 20 minute Daily Qigong Activation Video:

  • 20-minute pre-recorded video so that you can remember and follow along with the Qigong processes each day.

Weekly Journaling - Shifts and Transformations:

  • Journalling to record your changes and shifts to understand your key elemental patterns of disharmony better and refine your Qigong activations processes.


Multiple payment methods apply.

Payments via bank transfer to:

$1999 (GST Included)

Contact Nicholas for Bank details and Application.

Site Tickets:

Tickets are on sale from this site. Please use the site link on this page.

Payment plans:

For questions regarding this information, please feel free to contact Nicholas Blewett at


  • Five Element Shamanic Qigong

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