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I run two different styles of classes. The Tuesday night class is a qigong and taijiquan slow form class and the Thursday evening class focuses on internal martial arts training.


Yang Style Taijiquan
Internal Movement Drills
Static and Dynamic Qigong
Meridian Balancing Qigong Sets
Qigong Healing Circles
Qi Development Tools
Qigong Healing Methods

Taijiquan & Qigong

This class is dedicated to qigong and slow form taijiquan practice where I use mindfulness movement and breath work in set patterns to help you discover whole body movement and build a powerful qi practice. 

Tuesday 6:30 - 8pm

The Australian Centre for Natural Medicine,

2184 Gold Coast Hwy,

Miami, Qld 4220

Internal martial arts

The class is a internal martial arts class where I teach you how to use internal movement principles of Taijiquan to generate, cultivate and transfer whole body power into a holistically functional and practical self defense and healing art.

Thursday 6:30 - 8pm

The Australian Centre for Natural Medicine,

2184 Gold Coast Hwy,

Miami, Qld 4220

Internal Martial Arts

Old Yang Style Taijiquan

Martial Taijiquan Forms

Striking & Defense Fighting

Two Person Self Defense Drills

Push Hands & Sensitivity Drills

Martial Specific Qigong Conditioning

Internal Chinese Boxing

Private lessons

In private lessons I like to focus on exactly which aspects of my training each individual is most interested in learning.

All Private Lesson types are beginner friendly and require no previous experience in either taijiquan, qigong or martial arts.


One on One Training
Personalized Explanations
Personalized Demonstrations

Form Corrections
Master Movements Faster
Holistic Personal Training

Qigong & Taijiquan

These types of private lessons offer people the ability to focus upon the intricate movements and subtle breathing and energetic's of qigong and taijiquan.

People who likes these types of lessons are generally interested in learning and refining their practice as a regular wellness exercise program and gaining a deeper understanding and experience of the principles and practices of taijiquan and qigong.

Internal Martial arts

These types of private lessons offer people the chance to hone their internal movement principles into an explosive system of combat and healing.

People who like these type of private lessons are generally interested in learning martial arts at a range of intensity levels from general health and fitness style holistic personal training style boxing right through to more focused

martial arts and self defense training.

Internal Martial Arts

One on One Training
Form Corrections
Progress Faster
Refining Martial Skills
Pressure Testing Martial Applications
Focus Pad Work

Personal development

These types of private lessons offer people who want to delve deeper into their training and undergo a more structured education in the underlying theories and practices of qigong and internal martial arts.


One on One Training Course
Structured Learning Material
Form Corrections
Progress Faster
Holistic Personal Training
Master Movements Faster
Acupuncture & Body Work

Private Course Tuition

People who enjoy these lessons are generally interested in longer training sessions of 3-5 hours where theoretical content can be learned and discussed and the lessons themselves structured toward the specific health and wellness goals of the individual.


People who enjoy these sessions also typically ask for acupuncture and / or body work and have used these sessions as a holistic mind / body coaching sessions which allowed them to take control of their well being and personal development whilst learning some kick ass Chinese kung fu!

want more information

Please email Nicholas on a page contact form below or simply call to discuss any questions you have.

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