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Qi Fit 's
The Foundations of Qigong

Discover Australia's Premier Qigong

Welcome to Qi Fit's The Foundations of Qigong program.

The Foundation of Qigong program is an extremely comprehensive entry-level training program designed to lead even the most complete beginner through progressive training modules and toward a deeper, more advanced level of Internal Movement and Qigong practice and onto becoming a Qigong Instructor.

As you will discover, our 2023 program is divided into two stages.

Our Qi Fit Level 1 Certificate Program is a 150+ hour introductory program that is designed to give anyone all the knowledge and practical skills they need to start and build their own home-based Qigong practice.

Level 1 suits anyone wanting to learn Qigong who understands that knowledge is true power and who has either never tried Qigong or who practices a little in classes or events or on Youtube, and/or who has health wellness issues or wellness goals who is now ready to step up into a more potent and transformative Qi practice.


As a certification program, Level 1 gives you the tools you need to progress into Qi Fit's Level 2 Teacher Training Program.

If this sounds like you, you should be enrolling in Level 1.

Our Qi Fit Level 2 Qigong Teacher Training Program is a 300+ hour program that continues from the Level 1 Certificate program. Level 2 leads students to develop all the tools and skills they need to become fully qualified Qi Fit Qigong Instructors. 

Level 2 suits people who wish to take their home-based Qi Practice deeper or become fully qualified Qigong Instructor.

As a qualified Level 2 Qi Fit Qigong Instructor, you will be able to begin sharing the profoundly transformative qualities of Qigong with your students and clients in your holistic exercise classes/business, such as yoga, pilates, acupuncturist, massage or personal training, and in your events, retreats, workshops or coaching businesses.

Thanks so much for visiting our program, we hope you love this program as much as we do! If you want to register for the program, have any questions or simply want a quick chat over the phone to find out more about Qi Fit and our Training Programs, please don't hesitate to use the contact prompts throughout this page.

Nicholas' Story

Rest assured, Qi Fit Programs are designed to align with the same level of professionalism expected of similar training programs of Yoga Teacher Training, Personal Training and other modern courses and programs.

- Nicholas Blewett, Qi Fit Founder and Chief Instructor

Discover more about Nicholas - Founder and Chief Instructor of Qi Fit below in this short video

Qi Fit Level 1 & 2

Level 1
150+ Hours Certification

Qi Fit's Level 1 Certificate Program Includes:

✅ Online or In-Person Options

✅ 5 Months, 150+ Hours

Made up of...

✅ 14 Hours of Pre-Course Education & Preparation

✅ 96 Hours of In-Person Training (12 Days Total)

✅ 25 Hours of Online Theory and Education Lessons

✅ 16 Hours of Online Practical Skill Development


SECTIONS 1: Course Expectations and Housekeeping

SECTION 2: Introduction to Qigong

SECTION 3: The 3 Regulations

SECTION 4: Neigong Verse Waigong - Finding Stillness 1

SECTION 5: Neigong Verse Waigong - Finding Stillness 2

SECTION 6: Movement Medicine 1 - Wai Gong

SECTION 7: Jing, Qi, Shen: The Philosophy of Longevity in TCM

SECTION 8: The Qi Transformation System

SECTION 9: Postural Irregularities, Cautions & Contraindications

SECTION 10: Chinese Medical Pathogenesis


  • Learn the Fundamentals Theories of Qigong

  • How to Apply the Classical Principles of Qigong

  • Understand & apply the 3 Regulations - Body, Breath, Mind

  • Philosophy of Longevity in Chinese Medicine

  • Understand the Qi Transformation System

  • Learn the Foundational Structure & Movement of Qigong

  • Understand Postural Irregularities & Cautions/Contraindications

  • Learn Level 1 of the Qi Fit Internal Movement Program™


  • Learn Standing, Lying, Seated Qigong Postures

  • Learn Natural and Reverse Qigong Breathing Methods

  • Learn Inner Smile and Qigong Sounds

  • Learn the Microcosmic Orbit

  • Get 10x Qi Development and Cultivation Methods & Tools

  • Get 2x Yin/Yang cultivation and balancing Qigong Methods

  • Get 2x Acupuncture Point & Meridian Balancing Methods

  • Get the 8 Brocade Qigong Methods

  • Learn advance Zhan Zhang Qigong (Power Qigong)

  • Learn 12 Balancing Postures of Zhan Zhuang


  • Access to Nicholas Personally via Private FB Mastermind Group

  • Qigong Form mentoring and Development

  • 1x Theory Course Manual 90+ pages

  • 1x Practical Training Manual 125+ pages

  • Online Support materials

  • CPD Certified Activity

  • And so much more...

*Level 2 continues from Level 1 as an extension of your Level 1 skills giving a greater and more advanced understanding of Qigong principles, training tools and Qigong forms and practices.

However, it's worth noting here that even if you never want to teach Qigong, undertaking Qi Fit's Level 2 training will help you to further cultivate your practice and Qigong theoretical and practical skills.

Download the complete Level 1 Certificate program details below:

QTT Brissy Group Pic Cropped 2.jpg
Level 1 & 2
332+ Hours Teacher Training

Qi Fit's Level 2 Teacher Training Program:

✅ Online or In-Person Options

✅ 10 Months, 336+ Hours

Made up of...

✅ 14 Hours of Pre-Course Education and Theory

✅ 192 Hours of In-Person Training (24 Days Total)

✅ 50 Hours of Online Theory and Education Lessons

✅ 35 Hours of Online Practice Skill Development


✅ 40 Hours Practical Logbook Hours

✅ 5 Hours Practice Class Facilitation


SECTION 11: Movement Medicine 2 - Wai Gong

SECTION 12: The 5 Elements & Zung Fu Qigong

SECTION 13: Embodied Philosophy

SECTION 14: Health and Wellness Considerations

SECTION 15: Pain Management 

SECTION 16: Wei Qi Liao Fa - Medical Qigong Healing

SECTION 17: Qigong Group Collaborations

SECTION 18: Class Structure & Creative Class Programming

SECTION 19: Revision

SECTION 20: The Gong of Qigong – Class Craft

SECTION 21: Final Teacher Training Assessment


  • 5 Elements and 12 Internal Organ TCM Theory

  • Pain Management with Qigong Theory and Practice Health and Wellness Considerations

  • Guidelines, Special Populations and Qigong Precautions

  • Running Groups, Events and Specific Qigong Group Practices

  • Class Structure, Exercise Sequencing, using Practical Learning Tools

  • Teaching Practices and Creative Class Programming

  • Learn Level 2 of the Qi Fit Internal Movement Program™


  • 12 Zung Fu Balancing Qigong forms

  • 20 Fundamental Movement Principles of Qigong and Training Methods

  • Learn and Apply 8 Amazing Medical Qigong Techniques (Qigong Healing Methods)

  • 10 Pain Management and Dao Yin Training Exercises

  • 6 Amazing Group Training Tools for Classes, Workshops and Events

  • 20 Practical Class Formats and Structures to begin your own Classes


  • Access to Nicholas Personally Via Private FB Mastermind Group

  • Qigong Form Mentoring & Development

  • 1x Theory Course Text - 150 pages

  • 1x Practical Training Manual – 250 pages

  • 1x Teacher Training – Training Manual

  • Online Support materials

  • CPD Certified Activity

  • And so much more...

Download the complete Level 2 Teacher Training Certification details below:

Become a Qualified Qigong Instructor in 2023
Copy of Copy of Racquel certificate.png

Why Qi Fit Training is not just another Qigong course!

Imagine how limiting it would be if you went to a beginner's Yoga class and that beginner level was all there was of Yoga!?!

No deeper movements, no deeper elements of posture, no practical subtleties to master...just the very basics...

One of the things that Qi Fit is most passionate about is increasing the standard of Qigong training and practice globally, developing the depth of Qigong movement practice to help people fall in love with the true depths that the amazing mind/body movement art of Qigong takes us to - personally, professionally, physically, mental/emotionally and spiritually. 

To achieve this higher standard, Qi Fit programs are backed by the Qi Fit Internal Movement Program™. This program introduces students to a whole new level of Qigong practice, empowerment and personal transformation by teaching them how the body movements in order to generate true internal movement and seamlessly incorporate these movement principles into their Qigong practice.


The Qi Fit Internal Movement Program™ is an industry first that helps students master the complexities and subtleties of internal movement and Qigong faster than the traditional method of learning years of long forms and the luck that a master likes them enough to give them the secrets.

So if you wish to develop your Qigong practice to a high standard and discover the deeper, more profound, and transformative aspects of Internal movement and Qi cultivation, look no further than Qi Fit The Foundations Of Qigong Levels 1 and 2.

Qi Fit is dedicated to becoming the premier Qigong training provider in Australia and aims to provide high quality, professional Qigong Training to come into line with leading Yoga, and Pilates Teacher Training Programs.

Qi fit's level 1 - foundations of qigong is now a certified course and training provider under the
the international institute of complementary therapists


How Can Qi Fit Qigong Help You?

Whether you're a:

  • A beginner or experienced Qigong practitioner looking to hone your skills and build a business from Qigong,

  • A Yogi or Pilates Instructor looking to wow your students with new energetically aligned exercises and stand out from the other local Yoga studios,

  • An exercise professional or wellness coach wanting new holistic training methods and to offer a more diverse range of exercises to reach a wider demographic of clients,

  • An energetic healer such as an Acupuncturist, Massage, Reiki Master or Quantum healer who wants to increase your energetic potency, energetic sensitivity and ability to transfer energy and recharge after treatments,

  • You just love Qigong and want to have a high-quality practice backed by classical Chinese medical and traditional internal exercise principles,

  • You want to join the Qi Fit team and have us help you create a Qi Fit class in your local suburb so you can grow your own Qigong business and help us on our mission to make Qigong great again!!

Qigong has solutions that people use to help them succeed and create amazing events, retreats, workshops or offerings...

Qigong Advocates and Existing Qigong Practitioners:

At Qi Fit, our biggest mission is to deepen the practice of Qigong into the realms of whole-body compound internal movement and to help the world realize the true potential of this amazing holistic mind/body medicine.

So whether you have only tried Qigong once, a few times or are an existing Qigong practitioner, Qi Fit's Foundations of Qigong program Level 1 and 2 will offer you a practical theoretical basis in both Chinese medicine and Western exercise science and the practical skills to help you and your students delve deeper into the powerful medical art of Qigong.

Yoga/Fitness Professional/Physios:

Backed by the Qi Fit Functional Internal Movement Program™, the Foundations of Qigong program offers fitness and wellness professionals from all walks of life the skills to begin using Qigong in classes and events or in therapeutic settings to help students and clients achieve a variety of physical, mental/emotional and spiritual growth and healing.

With competition in the wellness industry growing, it is more important than ever to be able to offer new exercises and practices which are aligned both energetically and philosophically to keep your students engaged and coming back for more!

Holistic Businesses & Wellness Coaches:

With the increased demand for holistic health professionals and wellness coaches and strong competition, it's more important than ever to stand out from the crowd and continue to deliver high-quality, practical and effective mind/body solutions.

By completing the Foundations of Qigong Teacher Training program, holistic business owners and wellness coaches will be able to WOW their clients with embodiment exercises and processes that allow them to cultivate their energy, destress their minds, soften physical tension, reduce pain and focus their minds...just to mention a few benefits!

Energy Healers/ Acupuncturists/ Massage Therapists:

Unbeknown to most, being an energy healer or bodyworker and taking on others' taxing work! 


But here at Qi Fit, we know exactly how taxing! So please understand that "Qigong is to healers, as weights are to bodybuilders..."

Traditionally in China, healers would practice Qigong to help them not only to cultivate more energy but also helps them to gain greater energetic awareness, greater energetic sensitivity, increased energetic protection and faster recovery after powerful and strong treatment. 

Qi Fit Class Opportunities:

Here at Qi Fit, our mission is to help the spread of high-quality Qigong to every corner of the globe and to teach people the benefits of Qigong training.

So currently with two Qi Fit schools nationally and wanting to expand our national base for the countless requests we get weekly for Qigong classes, we would love to help you grow your Qi Fit Qigong business as you help us on our mission to spread the message of Qigong to every corner of the globe.

Level 5: The Fundamentals of Taijiquan and Baguazhang: Progressing from standalone qigong methods into a stronger qi development practice incorporating qigong training methods from the internal martial arts of Taijiquan and Baguazhang to give you longer, more flowing qi development movement meditations to help you cultivate an extremely powerful and robust qi practice for supreme health, qi development and qi transmission.


Level 6: Master the Internal Arts: In this Level, you will learn about the small frame movements of qigong forms and how to use this refined internalized way of moving and training in your personal and medical qigong healing methods.  

Follow on levels

The term Gong in Qi Gong literally means working toward virtue, mastery, and excellence.  

Therefore, to help Qi Fit students infuse virtue and reach excellence, our programs are designed to progressively help the student toward mastering the deeper levels of internal movement and Qigong and Tai Chi training.

Level 3: Advanced Internal Movement and Internal Alchemy:
Using the knowledge from The Foundations of Qigong and Level 1 and 2, Level 3 - Internal Alchemy delves deeper into Chinese medicine diagnosis and Qigong exercise prescription and medical Qigong treatments while offering the student the opportunity to complete levels 3 and 4 of the Qi Fit Internal Movement program™ and progress into more powerful and transformative qigong sets.

Level 4: Advanced Qi Development and Medical Qigong:
The already learned basic qigong exercises from previous modules are progressed to a more advanced level with every tiny detail covered to take your qigong to a highly energetic healing modality which can then be integrated into all previously learned modules to help you access full-body spinal power for true internal energy cultivation and qi transmission.

Find out what others have said

Leigh - Acupuncturist & Holistic Fertility Coach.

"The reason I chose to work with Nicholas was I was looking for other ways to help my patients...I was looking for a movement therapy that really helped balance the modern lifestyle and to slow down and learn how the body works"

Group Testimonial from Qi Fit's July 2020 Gold Coast Teacher Training course.

"After a couple of minutes with Nick I knew I was in the right place. I wouldn't say it met my expectations. I'd say it exceeded my expectations. It was life-changing..."

Dee, 2020  

Gustavo Se - Psychologist, Mindfulness Coach, Yoga Teach and Retreat Facilitator.

"I plan to bring in this knowledge and practices into my the experiences of participants in my retreats so that they can have a more varied experience as well as to tap into the flow of energy in the body..."  

Juliana - Acupuncturist and Energy Worker.

Nicholas..."has a really nice energy, he is always very helpful and extremely knowledgable. I have noticed that I can use my own energy in my clinic with work with my own energy and to pass that into my clients. I would say to anybody wanting to do this course not to think twice".

Program Details

LEVEL 1 - In Person Program


Qi Studio - Capalaba, Brisbane

QI-STUDIO in Capalaba is a privately owned Qi-Studio nestled in sacred indigenous ceremonial land and offers you a quiet, open and natural setting in which to learn Qigong while grounding into our pristine Australian environment.

Level 1 Dates:

Online Start

Wednesday 1st - 28th February

In-Person Start

In-Person Workshop 1: 1st - 5th March

In-Person Workshop 2: 19th - 23rd April

In-Person Workshop 3: 14th - 15th June

LEVEL 1 & 2 - In Person Program


Qi Studio - Capalaba, Brisbane

QI-STUDIO in Capalaba is a privately owned Qi-Studio nestled in sacred indigenous ceremonial land and offers you a quiet, open and natural setting in which to learn Qigong while grounding into our pristine Australian environment.

Level 1 Dates:

Online Start

Wednesday 1st - 28th February

In-Person Start

In-Person Workshop 1: 1st - 5th March

In-Person Workshop 2: 19th - 23rd April

In-Person Workshop 3: 14th - 15th June


Level 2 Dates:

In-Person Workshop 4: 16th - 18th June

In-Person Workshop 5: 30th August - 3rd September

In-Person Workshop 6: 21st -22nd October

In-Person Workshop 7: 25th - 26th November

Which level is right for me?

about your facilitator

Dr Nicholas Blewett
Chinese Medicine Acupuncture

Nicholas has been practising Qigong and the Internal Martial Arts for 25+ years and holds a 4th Degree Instructors Certificate with the Wold Taijiquan Boxing Association. Nicholas is a clinical Acupuncturist with 22 years of experience and works at The Australian Centre for Natural Medicine in Miami on the Gold Coast.

Nicholas also has completed a Certificate 4 in Personal Training and a Graduate Certificate in Education after which he lectured at the Endeavour College of Natural Medicine. Whilst lecturing at Endeavor, Nicholas was given the job of re-writing their Chinese exercise course. Since then has taught qigong and Chinese medicine courses nationally and designed a soon to be released internal movement program called Qi Fit.

Nicholas' aim is to teach people how to build a stronger and more dynamic Qi practice. Nicholas' Qi Fit programs are designed to teach people how to access and develop both the basic and more intricate and advanced levels of internal movement principles and show how this "way of moving" is a powerfully healing exercise system.

Combining his own training and development of internal movement principles as well as his practice of Chinese medicine/Acupuncture combined with his own wellbeing journey, Nicholas is deeply passionate about helping people develop their own self-healing and preventative healthy Qi practices.

Nicholas believes that through practising and teaching the benefits of qigong, internal exercise and individualized self-care practices people can able to help people live healthier, more active and more fulfilling lifestyles. This benefit will naturally flow out into the greater community and aid in the ever-increasing evolution of humanity toward a more holistic, purposeful and peaceful world.

Nicholas holds the following accreditation:

  • B.H.Sc Acupuncture (22+ years exp.)

  • 4th Degree Instructor - World Taijiquan Boxing Association (26+ years exp.)

  • Cert 4 Chinese Massage / Tuina (22+ years exp.)

  • Cert 4 Personal Training

  • Grad Cert Education UQ

  • Register with Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association

  • Registered with AHPRA - Australian Health Professional Regulation Agency

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